Lessons in Randomness, 2013 Edition

The year-end recap is a clichéd concept, I know. But these nuggets were hard-earned and I’ll be damned if I don’t bust out Young Thumbs style with what I’ve learned over the past twelve months. (Disclaimer: I’ve always been the last girl in the room to get her hands on a flip phone, LA Gear kicks or a clue, so please forgive my passion for the obvious. My next post will be more quasi-intellectual, I promise.) Onward!

  • Snap photos. Use your phone, roughed-up point-and-shoot from ’03, or camera obscura if you’re lucky enough to have one. When you see something beautiful, interesting, horrifying or hilarious, capture the moment. (You never know when you’ll need it for a blog post.)

    Dollar store photo ops. Take 'em.

    Dollar store photo ops. Take ’em.

  • It is possible, over the course of thirty days, to gain five pounds, lose your mind, and skip an entire menstrual cycle due to stress.
  • Say no.
  • Just because it happened just now does not mandate that you post it just now. Enjoy the moment and the company you’re in.
  • Whole Foods will raise the price of OJ $3 overnight. You will think you’re at Kohl’s.
  • Engaging in honest, hours-long-face-to-face convos could be the most accessible way to inject fresh bravery and fear-conquering intimacy into your life. Try it.
  • A random encounter can lead to magical things.
  • It is OK to ask that loud, obnoxious person to keep it down.
  • Your absurdity demands a bone-crushing embrace and resplendent laughter.
  • Say yes.
  • Just when you think you get Google AdWords, you don’t.
  • Every one of us is a microcosmic niche market.
  • It is perfectly fine to pick up a journal you last touched during 2009 in 2013, and half-fill it with sloppy handwriting and incomplete sentences.
  • Forgiveness: be beggy. Permission: no asky.
  • You are never too old to learn a lesson, to train yourself to do something new or be something new or think something new, or to go back to school — but you’re kidding yourself if you think any of this will be easy.

Here’s to a delightful 2014! <3


Andrea Lipomi is a licensed massage therapist and esthetician who lives and works in Las Vegas, Nevada. She also peddles massage therapy ebooks and NCBTMB-approved continuing education courses at ConfidentMassage.com, will travel hundreds of miles for a fantastic spa experience, and craves dark chocolate and Depeche Mode’s upcoming tour dates on an almost daily basis.

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