Sharing is Caring

It’s in our nature to share feeling, thoughts, and other thing with people. I’m constantly hitting the share or retweet buttons on social media, or I’m creating my content. The Internet has made it easier to share things with people, but it’s also been a trigger point in my side (Pun intended).

I started, January of 2006, and since the beginning, I’ve noticed people stealing my photos and videos. It’s really frustrating to see my work on someone else’s website or social media account, and them not giving me credit. I’ve even seen people put their logo over my watermark and some have even cropped it out. I work hard at creating content! I just wish some people would respect that, and either buy their own, or create it themselves. I’ve even seen large massage companies stealing photos of mine – pretty sad. Someone even said: “I just do a Google search for images.” Well, I’ve got news for you; most images on Google Search are copyrighted. Even photos that you can buy usually have rules for using them. So, make sure you read the Terms of Service agreement before purchasing them. Leaving the watermark on a photo after you download it is stealing , so just don’t do it.

Facebook, and other social media websites have made it easy to share photos with a share/retweet/repin button, but some people haven’t figured that out yet. Just imagine your clients knowing that you are stealing photos from others, would YOU want to get a massage from someone who steals? It doesn’t make you look professional at all!

Have you thought about the repercussions of stealing content from others? It can vary from being asked to remove it, or you will have to pay them royalties. Adobe recently sued Forever 21 for pirating photoshop. If you would like more information on copyright, view this link (It breaks it down with questions people have about copyright laws).

Social media sites have made it easy to embed posts on your website.
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As you can see, I embedded the post below…

So, the next time you want to download a photo from Facebook or other places, just hit the share button on your social media profiles, or embed it on your website.

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5 thoughts on “Sharing is Caring

  1. This is epidemic. A very dear friend of mine not only had her images stolen and the water mark cropped out, but her competitor cut and pasted the text from her website – including from her About Me page. Seriously? How do you steal someone’s bio?

    The attitude I’ve heard expressed is “i’ts on the internet, so it must be free to use”. Sorry. It’s not true. Just ask all the people who owe Getty Images hundreds and thousands of dollars.

    Thank you Ryan. This needs to be said.

  2. Thanks for this article. I have a great simple logo designed by an awesome designer for me (see at ) and I know it’s only a matter of time before someone just takes it if they haven’t already. This kind of intellectual property theft is rampant. Social media has created an environment in which visual images and words often appear to belong to no one and are therefore considered “community property.”

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