The Many Sizes of Social Media

I’ve been managing social media accounts for many years, and I started in the social media arena in 2006 on Youtube. Things were a lot simpler back in the day, but now it can give a person a HUGE headache with all the different sizes required for photos. Since 2006, Youtube has changed their main layout at least three different times, and don’t get me started about Facebook :)

The rule of thumb (pun intended) for photos on social media websites:
* Profile photos: Usually a square shape (100×100, 250×250 and so on).
* Photos as posts: Most social media accounts recommend either a square (Instagram), or a photo that is wider (Landscape size) for Twitter and Facebook.
* For Pinterest and Tumblr: these sites look better if the photos are taller (Portrait size).
* Cover photos: totally different story. Most of them are wider (Landscape size), than narrow (Portrait size) – but every site has different dimensions.facebook-cover-imageEditing Websites
Here are two great sites: autreplanete and internetmarketingninjas, that you can make your photos the right sizes for  your social media accounts.

Here is a list of sizes (This is just a generalized guideline):
– Blog Graphic: 800 x 1200px

– Business Card: 8.5 x 5cm
– Card: 14.8 x 10.5cm
– Document: 21 x 29.7cm
– Facebook Ad: 1200 x 627px
– Facebook App: 810 x 450px
– Facebook Cover: 851 x 315px
– Facebook Newsfeed: 1200 x 1200px
– Facebook Post: 940 x 788px
– Facebook Profile: 180 x 180px
– Google+ Cover Photo: 2120 x 1192px
– Google+ Newsfeed: Minimum 497 x 373px
– Google+ Profile: 250 x 250px
– Instagram Cover: 2048 2048px
– Instagram Post: 640 x 640px
– Instagram Profile: 110 x 110px
– Invitation: 14 x 14cm
– Kindle Cover: 1410 x 2250px
– LinkedIn Cover: 646 x 220px
– LinkedIn Business Logo: 100 x 60px or 50 x 50px
– Photo Collage: 25 x 20cm
– Pinterest Profile: 165 x 165px
– Pinterest Post: 735 x 1102px
– Poster: 42 x 59.4cm
– PowerPoint: 1024 x 768px
– Social Media: 800 x 800px
– Twitter Header: 1500 x 500px
– Twitter Newsfeed: 1024 x 512px
– Twitter Profile: 400 x 400px
– Youtube Cover: 2560 x 1440px
– Youtube Desktop Display: 2560 x 423px
– Youtube Mobile Display: 1546 x 423px
– Youtube Tablet Display: 1855 x 423px
– Youtube TV Display: 2560 x 1440px
– Youtube Thumbnail Preview: 1280 x 720px
– Youtube Icon: 800 x 800px
– Tumblr Profile: 128 x 128px
– Tumblr Posts: 500 x 750px

Hope that helps, and please embrace technology – it’s a lot easier than you think!

Ryan Hoyme is the Owner of (Largest Massage Website) and (Largest Massage Website for Stock Photos)

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