World Suicide Prevention Day

As massage therapists humans, we’re in a unique position to be kind to one another. 

In honor of World Suicide Prevention Day 2015, my friend William took the time to film an assortment of Vegas locals who had personal stories to share about suicide. I feel honored to have been included in his project.

Please feel free to share and keep the conversation going. <3

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Andrea Lipomi is a licensed massage therapist, esthetician and nail tech who lives and works in Las Vegas, Nevada. She also peddles massage therapy ebooks and NCBTMB-approved continuing education courses at, will travel hundreds of miles for a fantastic spa experience, and craves dark chocolate and Depeche Mode’s upcoming tour dates on an almost daily basis.

3 thoughts on “World Suicide Prevention Day

  1. I can’t say thank you enough for acknowledging this topic. I have lost my brother in law to suicide and have become very involved in every avenue possible to try to raise awareness to mental health and always try to stress to my clients how massage can contribute. I love this progression even more for that reason.

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