Witness to a crime

A recent post by Steph Lasch on Facebook sparked an old memory of mine, when I had my massage business.

I was working late at my massage business on Main Street, when I noticed something, that I never wanted to see. It was a man obviously intoxicated getting into his vehicle and driving away. I immediately called the cops and luckily, the cops were able to arrest him, and he spent the night in jail. After that I felt really good about what I did and didn’t realize that the next day would be a nightmare for me.

The next day when I got to work, the owner of the bar came in right after me. He seemed pissed and wanted to talk right away. He asked me if I reported a drunk driver last night, and I told him I did. He then started threatening me and the police were asking him if he was selling alcohol to an overly intoxicated person. He then told me that he would do whatever it takes to have my business fail. He even told me that he would tell every single person in the bar, not to go get massages across the street from me. I had my business in a town of 2,000+ people, and you know how information travels in a small-town…very fast!

After that I told him, if I ever see another intoxicated person trying to get into their vehicle, that I would report them too. Afterwards, he stormed out mad, and I thought that was the last of it, but I soon found out it wasn’t the case. I had another job too and I worked in a nursing home, and a couple of the employees that worked there also lived in the small town were I had my business. They began to threaten my business again, and it made my life a living hell, because they were trying to get me fired at my nursing-home job (I found that out from some other employees).

After that, I thought this had gone too far and decided to go talk to the Mayor. The Mayor didn’t seem too concerned and told me to let him know if any other problems come up. Soon after that the bar owner came to my place of business again and told me he has most of the town against me and that I should close my business down. I then went to the Mayor again, and he told me that he would talk to the bar owner.

Soon after the incident, I got a call from a past high school classmate wanting to know if I wanted to teach massage. I was scared to death at the thought of teaching, but I also didn’t want to deal with the harassment anymore. I called the college on a Friday, had the interview on that same day and started teaching on Monday.

One of the main reasons I’m so against driving drunk, is that a drunk driver killed my sister in 1999 and she was 2 months away from graduating high school and turning 18. The killer received 3.5 years in jail and never apologized to my family (I also found out that he started drinking again, after he got out of jail). She was the baby of the family and my only sister.

If I had to report another drunk driver; I won’t even think about it and report them too!